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Chapter 1: Hajime!

"I came to suspect that, even in sporting terms, this was an extraordinary world. And I had landed in the middle of it."

Judo is an exciting form of combat practiced worldwide but scarcely understood outside its own circle. This will be the story of its origins in the Japanese Samurai’s ancient battlefield art of jujitsu and its transformation into a modern Olympic sport.

2: Beginner's Luck

"As a beginner I was at first much alarmed by the prospect of training with black belts. I soon learned that they were the safest opponents of all and the people who I should really steer clear of were the beginners who were bony, clumsy and furiously keen - people who were just like me."

How the author took up the sport and found himself learning and training alongside top international competitors.

3: To Walk the Talk

"Most people will do anything they can to avoid violence, yet the business of fighting fascinates them."

The nature and origins of combat sport … their social function... fighting as a form of language…what makes combat sports so different from all the others.

4: The Crucible

"Because his life, depended on it, it was in the interest of every samurai to study well the art of fighting and over the next three hundred years they developed more than twenty forms."

Origins of unarmed combat ... how the samurai developed jiujitsu for the battlefield ... the fall of the Samurai and the decline of the martial arts.