5: The Incredible Dr Kano

"An ambition began to form in Kano’s mind. He would create his own system which combined the best from each jujitsu school. To do this he needed his own laboratory "

Dr KanoHow a scrawny Tokyo schoolboy took up jujitsu to defend himself against bullies and went on to develop his own fighting system… judo’s conquest of its rivals... why Dr Kano saw  his creation as more than a mere sport, but as a way of life.

6: Beauty and the Beast

"Kano enjoyed the aesthetics of combat... and believed that the efficient use of mind and body was the key to

How judo works... what it looks like... what you see is not what you feel.

7: How the West Was Won

"The Samurai code in which judo was rooted coincided with the chivalric values espoused by the English gentleman: the gentle way for the gentle man. This activity, this mix of ancient learning and eastern mysticism offered an appealing cocktail of violence and good manners."

Before judo came, Japanese jujitsu masters brought their skills to the west... how jujitsu saved the life of Sherlock Holmes... the growth of the jujitsu craze...

8: War - When the Fighting Had to Stop

"Even in the era of blitzkrieg soldiers and airmen - and special forces particularly - had to be ready for exactly the same eventuality than could befall a sword-wielding samurai on the battlefield: they had to know how to defend themselves when unarmed."

How judo survived the war ... the birth of international competition.