9: The Renegade

Kimura photo"I thought he would surrender immediately, but Helio would not tap the mat. I had no choice but to keep on twisting the arm... Finally the sounds of bone breaking echoed throughout the stadium."

Masahiko Kimura, the greatest of the early champions of competition judo... his triumphs in Japan and controversial forays into bloody anything-goes prize fighting in Brazil in 1959... his encounter with Helio Gracie, the founder of Brazilian jujitsu.

10: The End of Supremacy

"Grown men clustered around the television sets in shop windows collapsed in tears. For Japan, this defeat on their home ground was a national disaster." Anton Geeslink photo

How the dominance of the Japanese over the growing international judo scene was brought to an end by the giant Dutchman, Anton Geesink.

11: The Club

"Perhaps the most striking aspect of any club is the floor, which is to say that's the bit that strikes you. Usually it will slap you heartily on the back, greeting you like an old friend.Occasionally it may be less than affectionate..."

Inside the judo club... why people choose judo... the ordeal of grading.

12: Floored Personalities

"Anyone who struggles to believe that judo builds character might find it easier to accept that judo certainly reveals it."

Was Dr Kano, the passionate educationalist, right when he said that judo was training for life? ... judo as a way of building character... a means of channelling aggression.